Customer's Own Material (COM)/ Customer's Own Leather (COL)
COM/COL price includes application of customer’s fabric (leather) which should be prepaid to factory address and clearly marked toindicate:
1) client’s name 2) client’s purchase order number, 3) project tag, 4) fabric and colour name and/or number 5) name or number of furniture item to be covered, and 6) instructions for application, i.e. face, railroaded, reversed, etc. In the absence of specific written instructions accompanying the order, fabrics will be cut, seamed and applied at our discretion and at the customer’s risk. Interna will not purchase COM/COL materials.

All orders and COM/COL materials should be sent directly to:

Interna Furniture Design Ltd.
76 Signet Drive
Toronto, ON, M9L 1T2
Phone: (416) 741-4211

COM fabrics must be shipped to Interna prepaid. Also, all duty, brokerage and import licensing fees are the responsibility of the customer and if not prepaid, these fees will be charged back to the customer.

All COM and COL materials are subject to approval. Interna reserves the right to determine the suitability of a particular COM or COL on our furniture. Should we determine in our judgment that the COM or COL is inappropriate for use on a particular product, we will notify the customer accordingly. Interna is not liable for the appearance, behaviour, flammability, durability or any other quality of materials.

Interna has the following requirements:

Clearly indicate on your purchase order the supplier name, fabric and colour name or number. Also indicate any specific instructions regarding fabric application, such as patterns, direction of stripes, right side of reversible fabric, railroading, etc.
All COM fabrics will be cut and applied at the discretion of the factory unless special cutting instructions are included in writing with the purchase order (please see below).

                                                                                                  Diagram of Cut “up the roll”                  Diagram of Cut across the roll “railroad”


Please provide Interna with a swatch of the fabric to avoid errors in manufacturing.Unless otherwise tagged, the inside of the bolt is assumed to be the face side of the fabric.

All COM yardage requirements are based on 54” wide plain materials that require no matching. For stripes that require matching add 10%. All yardage requirements are approximate. Interna is not responsible for over or under quoted COM’s.
Fabrics which have a repeat that should be matched or are less than 54” wide will require more yardage. Please use our chart as a guide to determine COM yardage requirements. Please add the percentage shown on the chart to the standard yardage requirement shown in our price list.

Patterned fabric additional yardage estimate chart

To use this chart, first add the fabric's vertical and horizontal repeats together.  Then find the appropriate entry on the chart, and increase the yardage estimate by the percentage indicated.


*For over 44” Repeat please call Interna.
Note: Seaming details may vary from those on showroom samples or on photographic literature with certain narrow or patterned fabrics. These changes are made at the discretion of the factory as required. 
Should a COM be striped or have a pattern repeat, a flat rate matching charge will be applied.


All COL’s are subject to approval. Interna reserves the right to reject any such materials we determine to be unusable. Where applicable, all logistical, administrative, matching, etc. particulars noted above apply for COL orders. 
Leather is a natural product. Imperfections such as wrinkles, scars, etc., are considered normal and acceptable. Interna is not responsible for placement or appearance of these markings.
When COL is used, fabric for decks and cushion bottom will be supplied by Interna. Leather cushions are not reversible.

*All square footage requirements are approximate. Interna is not responsible for under or over quoted COL.