All INTERNA commercial, institutional, residential and healthcare products are covered in a wide selection of textiles, leathers and vinyls that are made available to our clients via our graded in programs or on a COM/COL basis.


The following textiles represent a partial listing of INTERNA's graded in program. INTERNA grades all customers' specified fabrics upon request. If a customer chooses to supply their own fabric, the COM (Customer's Own Material) is subject to approval. 

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Interna offers a selection of three leathers grades each for commercial and residential applications. All of which are full/top grain, full aniline or semi-aniline dyed. Each hide is selected for quality and required size. Leather is a natural product, so markings such as wrinkles, scars or insect bites are special details that make leather unique. Interna grades all customers' specified leathers upon request. If a customer chooses to supply their own leather, the COL (Customer's Own Leather) is subject to approval. For further information, please contact us.

The following leathers represent a partial listing of Interna's graded in program:

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